About the Journal

AL-MAQĀṢID The International Journal of Maqāṣid Studies and Advanced Islamic Research is a refereed international journal that publishes original scholarly articles in the area of uṣūl al-fiqh, qawā'id al-fiqhiyyah, and maqāṣid al-sharī'ah. AL-MAQĀṢID welcomes contributions on critical issues of maqāṣid studies and advanced Islamic research in the areas of social sciences and humanities.

AL-MAQĀṢID will also consider articles written on various schools of thought, ideologies, and subjects that can contribute towards the formulation of maqāṣid al-sharī'ah philosophy. Critical studies of translation of major works of major writers of the past and present, book reviews and religious sermons are also accepted.

AL-MAQĀṢID is published twice a year, June-July and November-December. Manuscripts and all correspondence should be sent to the Editor-in-Chief, via online submission system.